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Prairie Magic Herbals


giving voice to the medicine plants

About Prairie Magic

 Joanne is a  Kansas herbalist nourishing body and spirit in the tradition of wise women,yarb women of community herbal healing with classes, wildcrafted remedies and the magic of the green.

Connecting Plants & People
What I Do & Teach
  • Healing Herb & Medicine Plant  Class

  • Handcrafted Herb Products

  • Harvesting/Wildcrafting

  • Wellness Consultations

  • Wise Woman Tradition Healing Ways

  • Presentations/Speaking

  • Blog, Podcasts & Videos

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Plant-based health care is Medicine of the People, People's Medicine.  Empowering you to care for yourself, make informed choices, and to grow, harvest and make your own remedies or know what to buy from reputable sources.

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Folk herbalism is the people’s medicine, shaped by the land,
driven by the healthcare needs of its inhabitants, and
handed down through the generations. --Phyllis D. Light

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