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Handcrafted Herb Products

Harvesting and making preparations is ceremony to me, as I have been taught. I make offerings to the plants, ask it to give its spirit healing, do it respectfully and with gratitude, and make my traditional remedies with care. It is truly important to me to keep relationship with the plants that are healing allies.
Every traditional remedy I craft is one that I make to use in my own life, so I make every effort to create wares that last and promote health. I have either personally grown the plants I use in my remedies or wildcraft/harvest them in an ethical manner from unsprayed prairie lands. The plant infused oils I make and use are crafted by harvesting the herb at it's peak, steeping (macerating) the whole herb in cold pressed extra virgin olive oil for 6 weeks. The olive oil is wonderful for healing skin, retains the quality of the oil longer, is less likely to go rancid, and transmits faster into the skin, and thus the healing power of the plants. After the 6-week infusion process, beeswax is added to thicken the oil, making a lovely smelling salve with a smooth consistency. I use organic beeswax to thicken my salves; my products Do not contain petroleum.  Oils and salves and sprays (and tinctures) will keep over a year or more stored out of direct sunlight ---Just in time to make more next season.
My remedies that do also contain essential oils will be noted; realizing that many people are sensitive to essential oils, remedies can always be made without the e.o.'s.
To ensure optimum potency, my remedies  are lovingly handcrafted in small batches. I harvest the plants at the peak of their potency by following the cycles of moon, season, and weather.
I always choose the common, abundant plants that grow nearby over rare, exotic, or endangered plants with similar actions.  Herbs I cannot find in our area are provided by other conscientious wildcrafters and growers using natural or certified organic methods.
I use only the best quality menstruums: All of my plant infused oils are never exposed to the heat that can degrade them..
My liquid plant extracts/tinctures and vinegars steep for at least six weeks, allowing a fuller range of constituents to infuse.
Deep rapport and communication with the plants invites their spirit healing to enrich the remedies I create and use.


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All material is provided for general information purposes only . Any suggestions made and all herbs discussed/listed are not intended to diagnose, treat,cure or prevent any disease, condition or symptom nor be considered medical advice or consultation. It does not cover all possible uses, actions, precautions, side effects, or interactions of the herbs/plants discussed. Any statements made about products, herbs, and/or remedies have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (U.S.).  .Joanne Bauman, Prairie Magic Herbals assumes no responsibility for the results of self-diagnosis and/or self-medication. If you are on other medications/ drugs, or are pregnant or breastfeeding or have a diagnosed medical condition, please consult your health care professional before taking any herbs/botanicals.

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