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We are back with in person size modified class.. Online class is in development. Stay tuned. Follow Prairie Magic Herbals on Facebook. You can attend any class without prior experience.  Classes range 20.00-30.00 (per person) unless otherwise stated. Space is limited.  You must register in advance for a class no later than 3 days before.   Register through the links on this page or e-mail  Directions provided to  class upon registration.

Classes in Topeka ( elsewhere will be noted)



Herbal First Aid (Video Recording)Distance Learning available anytime)

Making this 90 min audio/visual recording of class available to listen to at your convenience.  
If you are intrigued by herbal first-aid but don't know where to begin, this is your class. Learn how to use herbal remedies and prepare your first aid kit. Plants readily available right in the backyard will be identified and utilized as well. Learn how to stop the itch and sting of insect bites and ease spider bites. Ways to draw out splinters, and treat boils, minor cuts, scrapes and wounds. Staunch minor bleeding. Naturally sanitize and disinfect. Ease the pain and discoloration from bruises & sprains. Soothe sunburn, minor burns, rashes and poison ivy. Calm an upset tummy or diarrhea. Relieve headaches, ear aches and other aches/pains. Use antifungal herbs to alleviate athlete’s foot and more. Included is a list of items to include in assembling your First Aid Kit.

 21.00 PayPal to

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Herbs for Cold/Flu Prevention and Relief (online class live through UFM)

Thurs. December 2, 2021    7:00 PM to 8:30 PM    Cost: 32.00

There are simple, cost-effective ways you can use herbs to prevent and ease cold/flu symptoms. Discussion will help you feel more confident in using herbs to stay well and boost immunity, as well as remedy infections, nasal and lung congestion, sore throat, coughs, fever, aches and pains, and diarrhea. Participants will become familiar with a wide variety of preparations including tinctures, teas, syrups, topical rubs, steams and more.

Class offered through UFM Community Learning. Register (785) 539-8763


Midsommar Flowers.jpg
Midsummer Garden Folklore   (Distance learning video presentation class available anytime).
The summer sun draws forth the medicinal virtues of many plants we gather, prepare, and use at this time of Summer Solstice. We will explore the magical and herbal lore of Midsummer. Join in as we explore medicinal uses, identification, plant lore, and preparation of Midsummer plants to include St John’s wort, elder flower,elecampane, chamomile, yarrow, mugwort, vervain, mullein, and more.


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Some Previous Classes
 Edible & Medicinal Backyard Healing Weeds

Ever wonder what’s growing in your yard or other wild places? These ordinary weeds have extraordinary nutritional and medicinal values. Join me for healing weeds identification and discussion of how to harvest, make preparations, and use common weeds as remedies. We'll discuss their use in such issues as skin conditions; cough and respiratory concerns; hot flashes; women's reproductive concerns; cysts and swollen glands; joint aches; urinary tract problems; digestive disturbances; removing heavy metals; and supporting liver, kidney, and lymphatic systems of the body. Don't spray the weeds!

Grow Your Own Medicine Garden


A medicinal plant garden provides affordable, sustainable, and indispensable herbs to remedy a variety of conditions, from prevention to times of emergencies. Growing herbs to meet your needs does not have to be difficult and can be done with any garden space from yard to patio containers. You'll learn about various plants to grow, how to get started, design tips, choosing plants or seeds, and how to decide what to plant based on common issues you and your family need to remedy, such as easing tummy upset, aiding sleep, calming nerves, relieving pain, reducing bruises and sprains, easing cold/flu and fevers, calming nerves, easing bites/stings, disinfecting wounds, soothing burns and more.

 Herbal Antivirals                   

Gain an understanding of viruses, how they mutate and become resistant, and the infections they cause. Learn about herbal antivirals, preparations, recommended dosages, contraindications. Discussion to include, Influenza, respiratory viruses (such as n.coronavirus), mosquito borne viruses (encephalitis, West Nile, Zika), tick borne virus, herpes simplex, shingles, GI tract viruses,etc. Knowledge can also help you in a pandemic or emergency situation and limited to no access to pharmaceutical medicines.