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Classes & Workshops

We are back with in person size modified class.. Online class is in development. Stay tuned. Follow Prairie Magic Herbals on Facebook. You can attend any class without prior experience.  Classes range 20.00-30.00 (per person) unless otherwise stated. Space is limited.  You must register in advance for a class no later than 3 days before.   Register through the links on this page or e-mail  Directions provided to  class upon registration.

Classes in person in Topeka ( online & elsewhere will be noted)



Plant a Medicinal Herb Garden   Online  2023


April 20  7-8:30 CST Zoom online

A medicinal plant garden provides affordable, sustainable, and indispensable herbs to remedy a variety of conditions, from prevention to times of emergency. Growing herbs to meet your needs does not have to be difficult and can be done with any garden space. You'll learn about various plants to grow, how to get started, design tips, choosing plants or seeds, and how to decide what to plant based on common issues you and your family need to remedy. Some issues could be easing tummy upset, aiding sleep, calming nerves, relieving pain, reducing bruises and sprains, easing cold/flu and fevers, easing bites or stings, disinfecting wounds, soothing burns, and more!






 Edible & Medicinal Backyard Healing Weeds   In Person

May 7 Sunday 12:30-2:30pm

Ever wonder what’s growing in your yard or other wild places? These ordinary weeds have extraordinary nutritional and medicinal values. Join me for healing weeds identification and discussion of how to harvest, make preparations, and use common weeds as remedies. We'll discuss their use in such issues as skin conditions; cough and respiratory concerns; hot flashes; women's reproductive concerns; cysts and swollen glands; joint aches; urinary tract problems; digestive disturbances; removing heavy metals; and supporting liver, kidney, and lymphatic systems of the body. Don't spray the weeds!



Magnifiscent Mints   Online Zoom class

Date to be determined 2023

The magnifiSCENT mint family is filled with aromatic, easy-to-grow, beneficial plants that stimulate and warm. Learn to identify mint family characteristics, the many uses of mints in teas, bath and body, cooking, and numerous medicinal health benefits. Discussion to include peppermint and spearmint, basil, sage, lavender, thyme, lemon balm, oregano, catnip, bee balm, skullcap and more. How to make and use recipes included.

Some Upcoming Classes Online  &  In Person
Making Herbal Preparations in one class we will address internal preparations and the other topical applications​​   In Person

Herbal First Aid


Herbs For Musculoskeletal Pain: Ligaments, Tendons & Joints Oh My!

Feb 18 via Zoom 3:30-5 30pm

Pain can be stressful, distracting, and in some cases, debilitating . There are many types and causes of musculoskeletal injury and pain: muscle tension, back injury, inflammation, nerve pain, ligament and tendon issues, fractures and tears. Explore plant allies to moisten and lubricate, reduce pain, spasms, soreness, inflammation, and encourage recovery, strength,and improve function and performance.
Joanne draws on both her personal and professional experience with chronic pain and pain management. Discussion includes internal and topical preparations –nourishing herbal infusions, tinctures, oils, liniments, poultices, and bath soaks.


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