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Herbal Educational Consultations

I believe that a herbal educational wellness consultation should put you at ease,  like sitting down to tea with a good friend.  As my availability permits, I can meet with you to discuss specific health issues and share my thoughts on them. It must be said that, by law, only a licensed medical doctor can diagnose or treat disease. I am also prohibited from making any claims that should you use any given herb, you will receive any purported benefit. Educational consultations are not intended to be a replacement for medical attention by your health care professional.  Rather, they are an opportunity to have a sort of "one on one class" discussing the role of herbs in the topic of your choice, where I can offer information, thoughts, opinions and ideas for your consideration, based on traditional or contemporary uses, or simply my own personal experience, beliefs and learning.  The Wise Woman Tradition approach is about empowering you.
 Please inquire about consultations knowing that well being requires more from you than simple,quick fixes,"What herb should I take" and may require lifestyle changes to nourish your overall health and wellness. Also,  be aware that it is often not the case that one personal educational consult  will answer every question you have or be able to educate you on every facet of an issue. Learning is a journey, and things shift, circumstances change as we do, and learning does as well.
 Should what I share resonate with or make sense to you, you may take responsibility for your health care and make empowered decisions that might affect it. I'm an herbalist cocreator in your health: a person who has learned about how the use of plants can support health and well being. My initial consultation lasts anywhere from 1 – 2 hours and  follow up one – two weeks later (additional time bi-monthly, monthly or as mutually agreed).
Please contact me if you are interested in knowing more! Email Click Here

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